Please note the special service this shabbat
which is dedicated  to commemorate the memory of Policeman
Seidan Saf Hy"d
who was murdered by terrorists while saving worshippers
in the "Bnei Tora" Synagogue in Har Nof - Jerusalem.
During the terror attack , Jewish Worshippers were also murdered.
February 17th - 18th, 2017 , כ"ב שבט תשע"ז 
This Shabbat @TheGreat: 
  Chief Chazzan Chaim Adler
will officiate on Friday evening and 
     Shabbat morning accompanied by
The Jerusalem Great Synagogue Choir
conducted by Elli Jaffe .
החזן הראשי חיים אדלר
יעבור לפני התיבה בערב שבת ובשבת בבוקר
בליווי מקהלת בית הכנסת הגדול בירושלים
בניצוחו של אלי יפה .

Candle Lighting

4:50 PM
Mincha Erev Shabbat 5:15 PM
Shacharit 7:55 AM
Minch (In Beit Midrash Be'er Miriam) 5:00 PM
Shabbat Concludes 6:04 PM



השבת מוקדשת להכרה והוקרה על שיתוף הפעולה
בין העדה הדרוזית והעם היהודי
וגם לזכרו של השוטר זידן סייף הי"ד

שנרצח בידי בני עוולה בהגינו על בית הכנסת "בני תורה" בשכונת הר נוף בירושלים בפעילות חבלנית אשר נהרגו בה יהודים עטופים בתליתו ומעוטרים בתפילין.


התפילה תתקיים בשיתוף עם עמותת יקי"ר בראשות הרב יעקב קירמאיר
בהשתתפות מפקדים בכירים במשטרת ישראל - מחוז ירושלים
המנהיג הרוחני השייח מואפק טריף.
אלמנתו ומשפחתו של זידן ז"ל
ובכירי כפר "יאנוח-ג'ת" מקום מגוריו של זידן ז"ל.


The Prayer will be held jointly with The Yakir Foundation
headed by Rabbi Yaacov Kirmeir
Senior Officers of The Israeli Police - Jerusalem District will participate as well as Spiritual Leader Sheike Muapak Tarif,  Seidan's parents, widow & Elders of his Druse Village.
סעודה שלישית (בבית מדרש באר מרים) לאחר מנחה
נתרמה על ידי משפחת מוסטוביץ
לעילוי נשמתו של ר' מנחם דוב בן ר' אליעזר יצחק ז"ל
Seudah Shlishit after Mincha in Beit Midrash "Be'er Miriam"

 is sponsored by the Mostovitz family
in memory of Menachem Dov Ben Eliezer Ytzchak z"l



Hechal Jacob Synagogue (Chazon Ovadia) 

Edot Hamizrach in The Jerusalem Great Synagogue Building for this Shabbat and the following week: 
Shacharit: 6:00 AM 
Mincha/Maariv: 20 Minutes before sunset 
Friday Evening - 
Mincha: 20 minutes before sunset followed by a shiur. 
Maariv after the shiur. 
Shabbat Shacharit: 7:15 AM 
Shabbat Mincha: Half an hour before sunset, followed by a Halacha shiur.  
Shabbat Concludes: 6:42 PM (Rabbeinu Tam) 
The Hechal Jacob Synagogue is dedicated to the blessed memory of the late Jacob Safra by his sons Eliyahu, Edmond, Moshe and Yoseph Safra. 


Beit Midrash Be'er Miriam 
Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday:  8:00 AM 
Monday, Thursday  7:50 AM  
Sunday - Thursday 1:00 PM 
Shiurim everyday from 
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM - Daf Yomi 
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM Midrash, Halacha Etc.



Thank You


The Jerusalem Great Synagogue acknowledges with appreciation the recent donation of a marvelous sculpture of the Ten Commandments by the sculptor Naomi Blake which will be exhibited in the lobby.


Mrs. Della Worms donated the sculptor in memory of her late husband, Fred who was a well known philanthropist and a Founder Member of the Jerusalem Great Synagogue.



Naomi Blake (nee Dum) was born in 1924 in Mukacevo, Czechoslovakia.  She was the youngest of 10 children and originally called Zisel until she changed her name to Naomi in 1946.  In 1943 her family included more than 30 members, however, by the end of the second world war only eight survived.  Her parents, siblings with their husbands and wives and nieces and nephews were murdered in the Holocaust.

Naomi is a survivor of Auschwitz and Brannau concentration camps and the notorious Death March, from which she managed to escape her captors and find her way back to Mukacevo.  In 1945 she made her way across Europe to Italy boarding an illegal boat to Palestine, the Enzo Sereni.  She arrived in Palestine in 1946 and joined the Palmach, later becoming an officer in the Israeli Defence Forces.

Today she lives in London and is a well known sculptor, with works in public places, synagogues, churches and cathedrals throughout the UK and in Tel Aviv University, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and in Ashkelon.  Her sculptures are motivated by her desire to commemorate the past horrors of persecution and to forge a positive future through the promotion of understanding between faiths.

At 92, she survives her husband Asher, and is surrounded and admired by 2 children, 5 grandchildren together with 17 step children, grandchildren and great grandchildren



Lone Soldiers


פייסבוק לייק