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At the Summit in Paris- The Dawn of a New Opportunity


What At COP21, the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, 196 nations struck an unprecedented accord meant to tackle the threat of climate change. They resolved to limit global warming to less than 2 degrees celsius over the next 85 years, with the goal of returning temperatures to their pre-Industrial Revolution levels. When viewed in the context of a world plagued by terrorism, war, nuclear threats and political tensions, the agreement is that much more remarkable...  Read more

Tablets in the Stream

What better way to bring students of geography and the environment closer to their subject than by harnessing some of their most popular technologies -- tablet computers, apps and WI-FI – to scientific research?


CBI’s Center for Environmental Studies connects students to the ecosystem of HaYarkon stream that flows by CBI headquarters in Tel Aviv...  Read more

Treasure Beneath our Feet

Soil, the dynamic upper layer of Earth’s crust, is seriously affected by human activity, with its quality in serious decline. Rapid population growth and accelerated urbanization are creating competition for limited land resources, including arable soil and open spaces. Throughout the world, particularly in Israel, choice, fertile natural soils are being rapidly degraded due to intensive use and insufficient planning for the future...   Read more
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